Presenter: Tom McKaskill, CPA, Ph.D

Only a small percentage of emerging companies will be successful at raising venture capital. Venture capital firms are very demanding when it comes to evaluating potential investments as they need to achieve a return on their investment of over 25% over a relatively short period of time. Unless the venture can present a compelling case for the investment it is unlikely that they will ever get the chance to present to a VC firm.

Raising venture capital requires the firm to understand the manner in which VC works and the restrictions and interventions which come with the investment. The business case must be exceptional and will almost certainly have to demonstrate high potential growth supported by protected intellectual property, a strong management team and a clear competitive advantage. Even with these advantages the venture will still need to gain access to the right VC firms and will need to develop the right relationships with quality professional advisors to gain introductions to VC firms.

Professor McKaskill has developed a pragmatic venture capital financing strategy for a high growth entrepreneurial firm. This process helps the emerging firm test whether they have the necessary characteristics to secure VC and steps them through the activities which they will need to undertake to prepare their firm for a VC due diligence and subsequent investment.

This workshop takes the entrepreneur through a planning process which enables them to create a strategy for raising VC for their own business. The workshop provides the entrepreneur with a firm knowledge of what venture capital firms are seeking and the process they need to go through to prepare a firm for a venture capital raising process.

Duration: Full day with breaks for coffee and lunch.

Attendees: Entrepreneurs, Business owners and their Directors, business advisors and senior management teams. The workshop provides an opportunity for each attendee to score themselves on a planning worksheet which sets out the actions they need to take to enhance their attractiveness to a venture capital firm. Each attendee needs to acquire the book before the workshop and should read Part A before attending. The book provides the detailed questions for the worksheet. This format can be used for up to 200 attendees.

Format: Lecture style with attendees grouped on tables of 4 – 10. Time is given for worksheet completion and questions and answers at each stage.

Further Information: Participants should read the ebook written by Professor McKaskill on this strategy.

Book: Participants should acquire the ebook written by Professor McKaskill on this strategy. McKaskill, T (2009), Raising Angel & Venture Capital Finance - An entrepreneur's guide to securing venture finance, Breakthrough Publications, Australia. Available free at