Presenter: Tom McKaskill, CPA, Ph.D

Few owners prepare their business for sale and yet increasing the value of a conventional business by several times is highly achievable. For businesses which have assets or capabilities which a large corporation can exploit, a sales value of many times revenue is quite realistic. By properly preparing their business for sale, developing and protecting intellectual property or other strategic assets or capabilities and by identifying the right buyer, achieving 20 to 40 times a conventional value is highly probable.

Professor McKaskill has developed specific value creation strategy for enhancing the sale value of a business which can leverage strategic value. This group of businesses typically includes companies in information technology, telecommunications, scientific research, biotechnology and companies based on strong brands, intellectual property or deep expertise. Strategic buyers are typically large corporations who can rapidly exploit the underlying assets or capabilities of a business they purchase. So the strategy for increasing value works on risk reduction, building strategic assets and capabilities, improving scalability and replication and building relationships with the potential buyers. Any businesses with strategic assets or capabilities can significantly increase its sale value with the right preparation and by finding the right buyer who can properly exploit its revenue potential.

This workshop will dramatically change your view about what your business could potentially be worth and provide you with practical strategies which you can follow to significantly improve your value on sale.

Duration: Full day with breaks for coffee and lunch.

Attendees: Business owners and their Directors, business advisors and senior management teams. The workshop provides an opportunity for each firm to score itself on a sale readiness planning worksheet which sets out the actions they need to take to enhance their sale readiness. Each attendee needs to acquire the appropriate book before the workshop and should read Part A before attending. The book provides the detailed questions for the worksheet. The workshop should be limited to 25 firms but each firm may have several participants working together on their own plan.

Format: The workshop is highly interactive with each firm having time to obtain feedback on their own strategy.

Book: McKaskill, T, (2010), Ultimate Exits – The secret behind selling entrepreneurial ventures at staggering prices , Breakthrough Publications, Australia (available free at