Presenter: Tom McKaskill, CPA, Ph.D

Few firms are successful at buying and integrating an acquisition and yet a systematic approach to selecting, evaluating, negotiating, integrating and managing an acquisition can significantly reduce risk and improve the return on investment.

Professor McKaskill has developed a pragmatic acquisition strategy for a high growth entrepreneurial firm. Financial buyers purchase companies based on their inherent profitability so the strategy for increasing value works on risk reduction, increasing the revenue horizon, improving profitability and building growth potential. Strategic buyers are large corporations who purchase firms which have assets or capabilities which the corporation can exploit over a large marketplace.

When buying a business the buyer needs to develop the capacity and capability to undertake specific types of acquisitions. Acquisitions vary between financial and strategic acquisitions and value is enhanced through intervention and/or integration. The buyer needs to know which firms to target, how to undertake the evaluation, negotiation, and intervention and integration activities and how to manage the acquisition long term.

This one day workshop provides entrepreneurs with the means to develop an acquisition strategy. It provides them with a means of mapping their current acquisition capability and capacity and helps them work out what they need to do to fully enable them to grow through selective acquisitions. The workshop will provide entrepreneurs with knowledge of the fundamentals of selecting, evaluating, negotiating, integrating and managing an acquisition. If you wish to grow your business through acquisitions, this workshop will help you to understand what it will take to develop the capacity and capability to select and acquire the right businesses.

Duration: Full day with breaks for coffee and lunch.

Attendees: Business owners and their Directors, business advisors and senior management teams. The workshop provides an opportunity for each firm to score itself on a sale readiness planning worksheet which sets out the actions they need to take to enhance their sale readiness. Each attendee needs to acquire the appropriate book before the workshop and should read Part A and Part B before attending. The book provides the detailed questions for the worksheet. The workshop should be limited to 25 firms but each firm may have several participants working together on their own plan.

Format: The workshop is highly interactive with each firm having time to obtain feedback on their own strategy.

Further Information: Participants should read the ebook written by Professor McKaskill on this strategy.

Book: Participants should obtain the ebook written by Professor McKaskill on this strategy. McKaskill, T (2010), Ultimate Acquisitions – Unlock high growth potential through smart acquisitions, Breakthrough Publications, Australia (available free from