Presenter: Tom McKaskill, CPA, Ph.D

Angel Investors are typically high net worth individuals who wish to invest a portion of their wealth in emerging firms. They contribute to these firms through funding, mentoring and coaching, industry connections, assisting them to establish effective internal controls, governance systems and performance setting and monitoring systems and preparing them for further investment or an exit.

Angels are active investors who bring industry knowledge and wisdom to assist in the development of an early stage venture. Often these ventures have inexperienced management with early stage products in emerging markets. Angels typically invest in several ventures a year and spend one to several days with each venture a month. The challenges faced by novice Angels are generating a deal flow, undertaking due diligence and valuation, structuring the investment agreement and managing the investment.

This presentation will demonstrate how potential Angels can develop their own capability to work in this area either alone or in an Angel network.

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Attendees: Business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate executives who have the wealth to invest in emerging companies. No limit to number of attendees.

Format: Lecture style with questions and answers at the end.

Further Information: Participants should read the ebook written by Professor McKaskill on this strategy.

Book: Participants should acquire the ebook written by Professor McKaskill on this strategy. McKaskill, T (2009), An Introduction to Angel Investing – A guide to investing in early stage entrepreneurial ventures, Breakthrough Publications, Melbourne, Australia. Available for free at