Presenter: Tom McKaskill, CPA, Ph.D

Few owners prepare their business for sale and yet increasing the value of a conventional business by several times is highly achievable. For businesses based on intellectual property, achieving 10 to 20 times a conventional value is highly probable.

Professor McKaskill has developed specific value creation strategies for the two types of buyers. Financial buyers purchase companies based on their inherent profitability so the strategy for increasing value works on risk reduction, increasing the revenue horizon, improving profitability and building growth potential. Included in this category of businesses are retail, services, consulting, light manufacturing, distribution, professional practices and other common businesses. Strategic buyers are large corporations who purchase firms which have assets or capabilities which the corporation can exploit over a large marketplace. This group of businesses typically includes companies in information technology, telecommunications, scientific research, biotechnology and companies based on strong brands, intellectual property or deep expertise. These businesses increase their value by finding the right buyer and developing a scalability capability.

This seminar will dramatically change your view about what your business could potentially be worth and provide you with practical strategies which you can follow to significantly improve your value on sale.

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

Attendees: Business owners and business advisors. No limit to number of attendees.

Format: Lecture style with questions and answers at the end.

Further Information: Participants should download the ebook written by Professor McKaskill on this strategy.

Book: McKaskill, T, (2010), Ultimate Exits – The secret behind selling entrepreneurial ventures at staggering prices , Breakthrough Publications, Australia (available free at